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This paper addresses the problem of how to determine if a quantum measure has a finite probability for a given interaction potential. Also, this paper may be helpful to write a new paper similar to the one on mathematics in a quantum theory Some papers to which I would most welcome would read: “Decoupling of Time in the Quantum Field Theory of Solvable Systems”, (J. F. Shor; “Quantum Time Scale in the Quantum Field Theories with Critical Behaviour”, Princeton University Press; 2001), “Measurement in quantum field theories with time-dependent interaction”, (P.A. Vilenkin; “Measurement Invariants in Quantum Theory”, The Princeton University Press; 1993), “Measurement in quantum field theory in the context of more general quantum or classical systems”, (Joens Schadt, Tim Jensche, Schüssel, Werner, Suárez, and T.J. C. Groenewold; “Measurement on Quantum Field Theory in a Classical-Quantum Context”, J. Math. Phys. 19 (2000), 595–576), and “Quant